The Manifesto

We’ve had enough of hearing about how big open fast personal linked tagged data is going to make everything better for everyone.

Data science is a wonderful and complex thing, capable of producing startling insights and truly beautiful visualisations.  We’re not saying you can’t do great things with data, because it has been ably demonstrated over and over again that you can.

However …

Data is simply facts about real things and real people; when it’s done right it tells a story that you can use to make decisions.

The public sector is serious about transparency – we can testify to that because that’s where we’re from –  but is still learning to be comfortable showing how decisions are reached. The evidence local and national government  uses must be not just open, but highly visible and communicated as clearly as possible.

The Plain Data Campaign is about making sure people at all levels are comfortable looking at the numbers – and challenging them if they need to. Just because something is complex doesn’t mean it has to be obscure.

We’re here to campaign for three things:

  • Reduce the hype
  • It’s time to be realistic about what big data can and cannot do.
  • Clear the fog
  • Just because something is complex, doesn’t mean it has to be obscure.
  • Open the door
  • Lets create data tools that people can use to get the job done

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